Elysian Being: Goal Setting

Written by Jessica Comingore and Loren Crosier

While goal setting is a term that gets tossed around often as a small business owner or entrepreneur, I’ve found it to be such an individual thing to each person and how they define the idea of “goals” in their life and business. I, myself, am a compulsive list-maker and try to set goals every day, no matter how small they may be. Crossing everything off of a to-do list at the end of the day feels pretty darn good, but it’s also important for me to remember the being as much as the doing.

I think goals are synonymous with purpose, and while not everything in life needs to be planned to a tee, there is a lot of power in envisioning what you want your life to be like, and taking small steps towards getting there. I find value in not limiting goals to just work life, but also letting that intention transcend into every aspect of being. It’s just a matter of breaking down those lofty statements we often bog ourselves down with (e.g. “move to a new city”, “buy a house”, “be healthier”) into smaller, more meaningful steps that we can move towards every day.

Among one of my most handy tools is having a Weekly Priorities and Ongoing Tasks list right there alongside my daily to-do’s. I then break those priorities and tasks down to smaller details that go into my day-to-day list. That way I have a visual reference in front of me, and an easier way to qualify opportunities as they come through the door. I like to ask myself a few questions (e.g. Does this feel authentic and true to who I am? Does this opportunity excite me? Does this help me move towards one of my big goals this year?). If the answer to any of those questions is no, I find it easier to let that opportunity pass, and trust that it was the right decision for me and what shape I’d like my life or business to take.

In that sense, I see a lot of value in letting your intuition guide you, and instead of setting out to hit a handful of road markers in life, to work towards turning that intention inward and understanding yourself more. What is it you want out of life? It can be a certain amount of travel, income, and notoriety or perhaps just a certain amount of time, experiences and happiness. Either way, I find that approaching your day with intention, making decisions that are true to yourself and owning your aspirations are key to guiding you in the right direction. —Jessica


List making, planning, thinking about the future, and dreaming can be immensely gratifying and instantly satisfying. Recently, however, I’ve begun thinking more about what goals mean to me and have ultimately had a little paradigm shift in how I frame them. To me it seems that goals are inextricably linked to how we define value and self satisfaction. For that reason I’ve started to think about greater overall intention when I’m thinking of grandiose plans. Goals can be great guides but I think it’s important to remember that they are also fleeting, and that actions are what ultimately bring self satisfaction and accomplishment. I’ve found for me the power of intention is more resilient than merely goal setting and that a clear sense of self and my values is a great vehicle for achieving the satisfaction I hope to obtain with goals.

To me intentions get to the core of what we want and are not about direct outcomes (that people often set when making a goal). So for example, instead of saying, “I want to get 100,000 followers on my blog by the end of the year,” I would set an intention of something like “I want to create authentic content that inspires others.” By rewording goals apart from achievements I find there to be a greater, longer satisfaction.

Once I’ve set my intention I’ve learned that that is enough and that the next part is about letting go. Self doubt, fear, and the details of how to get there are examples of things that can bog us down and therefore should be let go. You don’t have to know how to get to where you want to be to get there. Let your crystal clear vision of what you want guide your next step. I’m a firm believer in that if you keep putting out what you want and sharing it with others around you it will come to you (the law of attraction). There are no set paths just one right next step after the other, and it is important to be open to however they unfold. A new unexpected opportunity could pop up if you are open to it and aware of how it aligns with your intention, not your “plan.” —Loren



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  • Maja


    • Jessica Comingore

      😀 <3 😀

  • ashley

    Love this so much ladies!!
    Very thoughtful.

    • Jessica Comingore

      Thanks so much, Ashley! Your support always means the world. xo

  • Meagen

    Thank you so much for this! So inspiring!

    • Jessica Comingore

      Our pleasure, Meagen! So glad to hear you enjoyed it. More to come!

  • Maria

    Loved reading this post. Thank you both for sharing! I am considering implementing in my process a few of the things you mentioned. Keep ’em coming 🙂

    • Jessica Comingore

      Thanks, sweet gal! I’m so glad to hear. More to come!

  • Stephanie T

    Dang girl. You nailed it directly on the head. I’ve been dissecting my own life goals as of late what truly matters/should be my priorities. My attention and intentions have drastically shifted since turning 30 and I could not be happier. Thanks for sharing this nugget of truth and wisdom. Now on to make my “Things to do to make me smile today” list….it’s becoming my favorite to make! xo

    • Jessica Comingore

      Thanks, Steph! I think that shift is so powerful and important to our growth. Always pivoting and evolving in life and getting to the root of what we truly value. Excited for you! And also might jump on that ‘things that made me smile today’ list — so fun.

  • richele

    love this

    • Jessica Comingore

      Thanks, Richele! Hope you’re well. 🙂

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