Elysian Being: The Power of Being Outdoors

Written by Jessica Comingore and Loren Crosier

When I think about the subject of being outdoors and what that means to my routine I am thinking about it on a small scale. For me it’s not about finding some idyllic Ansel Adams setting, it’s merely about stepping outside of my house. It’s beneficial to move outside of that daily grind by leaving your work environment, or even home environment for just a short time. At any point in the day a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood will serve as the ultimate recharge. For me it’s an act of gratitude and an exercise in pointing out the beauty all around me; from roses to shadows to pink houses. Not only do I feel a sense of gratitude and exploration, a lot of these innocent, seemingly mundane sites fuel my creative energy. This week in the takeaways I share examples of some Instagram feeds where there is a sense of exploration, curiosity and appreciation for outdoor marvels and artifacts. Remember all of these people have jobs, so the images they share might come from a walk to work or weekend getaway, not a far off destination. —Loren

Similar to Loren, I don’t necessarily need a grand adventure to feel the positive affects of being among nature (though I’ll happily welcome those with open arms). Along with the every day actions that make up my daily routine, I make a point of adding ‘get outside’ to the list. Ideally, the day begins with a run around the neighborhood or a brisk hike in the nearby mountains, but there are certainly days when my schedule doesn’t allow for that. During those times, I try my best to incorporate some outside time into my day by biking to work or walking to a meeting instead of hoping in my car. Sure, it takes a bit longer, but I’ve always found it to be well worth it.

There’s just something about being outdoors, away from all distractions and among nature that offers a clarity and perspective I’m not sure is attainable in any other environment. I think we’ve all experienced it in some capacity, whether it be the calm of inhaling crisp mountain air, or feeling so small among a forest of towering trees, or the serenity that comes with watching the tide move in and out along the shoreline. It’s those moments that allow you to step back, recharge and put life in perspective. I’ve found that those are the times I feel the most inspired and am able to bring that energy back to my work or rediscover my zest for life in general.

Like Loren noted, inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest of places, you just have to keep your head up and your eyes open to it. I’ve also added a few favorite photographer’s Instagram accounts to the list who manage to see the everyday in such a beautiful way. It doesn’t always have to be an epic landscape that moves you; it’s really how each person individually interprets their surroundings and turn the things that often go unnoticed into something special. —Jessica



01. Tara Poynter
02. Mallory Lucille
03. Andrew Nedimyer
04. Valeda Stull
05. Martin Marceli Liebe
06. Brian Ferry

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  • Maja


    • Jessica Comingore


  • fernand et firmin

    It’s so easy as a freelancer, to just stay home the whole day while working, and before you know you go to bed without even having stepped out of the house. It’s definitely important to recharge and reset and we should pay more attention to it ! Yes !

    • Jessica Comingore

      Yes, yes! Absolutely. I think taking those moments, as much as we’re in the ‘zone’, does wonders to your overall wellbeing (and even your creative energy).


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