Bathroom Essentials

Written by Jessica Comingore

Though it’s often the smallest room in the house (especially if you’re living in a 1920’s Spanish bungalow like me) the bathroom can still benefit from a little attention when it comes to decor. While the room is typically pretty utilitarian — you clean, you wash, you get on with your day — I’ve noticed a few easy details that go a long way in keeping things tidy and easy on the eye.

First step: a towel holder. My favorite has long been this hexagon design that is a good looking alternative to tossing your hand towel to the side. Second up: a bath mat. There are so many beautiful designs out there right now (hello, round jute rug) that there’s never a need to mop up a wet floor again. For more tips and tricks, head on over to eBay where we’ve created a guide to simple bathroom essentials. And while we’re on the topic of tidying, have you read this? I’ve just started yesterday and am already planning for a weekend purge.

Credit: Jessica Comingore for Kellie Eserts Design

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