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Written by Jessica Comingore

It was a visit to one of my favorite local stores here in Los Angeles, Individual Medley, that first introduced me to the work of M. Grace. Her pieces caught my eye almost immediately with their handmade shapes and unique, weathered finishes. Malia creates her designs using the ancient lost wax technique, carving each creation by hand, and infusing them with protective energy. She designs with the belief that jewelry not only transcends aesthetics, but also serves as power pieces to invoke the wearers intentions.



Malia was kind enough to give us a peek into her Topanga Canyon home studio (which feels like a perfect extension of her design eye) and share a bit about her background and creative process. So let’s get to it…

1. Where did you grow up?
Malia Grace: I grew up in small town called Alameda in the Bay Area.

2. What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?
MG: When I think of eating a good meal, listening to my favorite music and working on whatever is inspiring me at the moment.



3. What does a typical day look like?
MG: A typical day begins by waking up, kissing my love, and then having a glass of water with lemon or tea. Then Jess and I will usually take the dogs for a walk in the Canyon. When I get home, I do a quick yoga practice and then make some breakfast. Then I go into the studio, put on my music and incense and start working for the day. I work in the studio for most of the day, taking a smoothie / lunch break sometime in the middle, followed by another doggie hike. Then it’s dinner in and either watch a movie, or do something creative with Jess, and get to bed before 10!

4. Motto you live by.
MG: “If it isn’t love, then it isn’t you.”

5. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your work?
MG: Being out in nature and observing natural landscapes.




6. Favorite summer recipe.
MG: A “Nuts for Chocolate” smoothie with cacao powder, banana, dates, coconut water, and almond butter!

7. Your dream travel destination.
MG: Morocco. I am in love with all the shapes, colors and textiles that I have seen from there.

8. Book currently on your nightstand.
MG: There are two books currently on my nightstand… one is called Many Lives, Many Masters and the other is called The Mists of Avalon.


9. Something you collect.
MG: Rocks from all of the places I visit. I love rocks and all the many layers of life that you can see in them. I have different collections scattered throughout my house. When I move they are very heavy.

10. Soundtrack for a productive day.
MG: For a productive day I either like to listen to Tinariwen or Brightblack Morning Light. Very different sounds, but both so good.


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