On The Road Again

Written by Jessica Comingore

There’s something about summer that makes for the perfect time to hit pause, hop in your car, and head out on the open road. And when it comes to road tripping, the less prepared you are, the better the experience seems to be. A cooler full of food, a few t-shirts, a pair of hiking boots, a camera, and you’re pretty much set.

These are a few snaps from a very recent road trip through Southern Utah. It was my first time there and needless to say, it left quite an impression. A forested hilltop on the far north side of Zion National Park, a scrambling hike along Left Fork Trail in Hurricane, a campsite found at dusk just outside of Bryce Canyon, a lucky score in Moab and a morning walk to see the Arches — all within four days, on four wheels, with just the right necessities in tow.













If you have car travel on your summer agenda, be sure to leave room for spontaneity. For starters, nix the idea of reserved campsites and hotels to see what you may stumble upon. Half of the excitement is seeing where the road takes you. For more pointers and tips to help make your road trip a sucessful one, I’ve created a simple guide on eBay this week — take a peek here.

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  • Gabi

    these images are stunning. i hope to take a trip to this part of the country at some point in my life. the rugged beauty of nature inspires me daily. thank you for sharing!

    • Jessica

      Thanks Gabi! You absolutely should if you get a chance. It’s really remarkable and totally makes your jaw drop. 🙂

  • Océane

    Looks so beautifully dry .

  • Aimee

    Wow. I live in Southern Utah, and even I was awed by these photos! Great photography!


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