On The Bookshelf: Noma by René Redzepi

Written by Jessica Comingore

For our second installment of On The Bookshelf, I thought it’d be fun to share a cookbook. And not just any cookbook, a cookbook that doubles as an art book, and has long been my go-to for food photography and still life inspiration.



These days, René Redzepi has become almost a household name, widely known for reinventing the Nordic cuisine through his innovative Copenhagen restaurant, Noma. With just twelve tables making up the beautifully designed interior, the restaurant has made its mark with two Michelin star awards since its 2003 opening. Noma: A Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine, provides an insight into the food philosophy and creativity of Redzepi as the first chef to explore the area’s harsh, but fertile environment. René’s success lies in his remarkable knowledge of the produce of his region, taking locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to an entirely new level.



Along with a collection of recipes signature to the restaurant, the book also portrays René’s relationship with some of Noma’s most dedicated suppliers, detailing the commitment they have to producing and foraging ingredients of extraordinary high quality. With page after page of beautiful photographs by Ditte Isager, Noma transports you to the remote regions of Denmark, providing inspiration not only on a culinary level, but also an aesthetic and conceptual one.


Get your hands on a copy of Noma here.

Credits: Ditte Isager

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