Travel Tales: Connecticut

Written by Jessica Comingore

For the month of August, American Express Travel has asked me to contribute to their #Journeymakers campaign in an effort to encourage travelers to acknowledge and thank the people that have made their journeys unforgettable. So while I talked a little bit about my recent trip to New England through a visit to The Glass House earlier last week, I wanted to pop in with a few more details about the trip — and more importantly, the people — that made it a memorable one.



Aside from the beautiful scenery and delicious seafood (which is certainly worth mentioning), the highlight of the trip was sitting down at Frank Pepe’s, a renowned pizzeria in the heart of New Haven. A few nights in with an evening to myself to explore, I ventured out from the coast where we’d been staying in search of a slice of white clam pizza. I arrived to find a line out the door and down the block, and stood at the back, wondering if it was worth the wait. Curious for a second opinion, I asked a group of three college students in front of me what their thoughts were, and they said without question, it was worth it.



We went on to chat about the differences between the east and west coast, and they recommended some interesting places to check out during my time in Connecticut. About forty-five minutes in and nearing the front of the line, the trio suggested I join their table for a chance to to taste-test each of the pizzerias best offerings. Certainly an offer I couldn’t refuse, we sat and devoured through the evening, sharing travel stories and trying to pick a favorite of the four pizzas we ordered. Upon packing up and extending my gratitude, one of the guys named Rob stuck out his hand and said, “Be sure to tell everyone on the west coast that there are nice people in Connecticut. Dinner’s on us.” Heading back to Los Angeles at the end of the week, I realized that this one evening perfectly summed up my experience in Connecticut as a whole; kind people, great food, and unexpected adventures around every corner.



For a few more of my favorite New England picks, I’ve put together a list below:

Where to Eat
Edd’s Place | Westbrook, CT
Lobster Landing | Clinton, CT
Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery | Hartford, CT
Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria | New Haven, CT
Ocean House | Watch Hill, RI
Abbott’s Lobster | Noank, CT

Where to Shop
Hartford Prints! | Hartford, CT
The Jumping Frog | Hartford, CT

What to See
The Glass House | New Canaan, CT
Mystic Pizza | Mystic, CT
Block Island | Connecticut


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  • Cait

    So nice to see my home state pop up in my blog feed. I’m glad you mad it to Abbotts, it is a classic! Block Island is actually part of Rhode Island, though you can catch a ferry to the island from New London, Connecticut.

    • Jessica

      So fun to hear, Cait! It’s a beautiful place to call home. And yes — Abbott’s was definitely a highlight. Still dreaming about that buttery lobster…

  • Leysa

    Lovely story! Looks amazing. So lush and green. The weather looks so amazing. I’m ‘enjoying’ Aussie winter at the moment so dreaming of scenes like this!

    • Jessica

      So crazy to think of it being winter anywhere right now with the heat we’re experiencing in LA, haha. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it though. Thanks for popping in, Leysa!

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