On The Bookshelf: The Kinfolk Home

Written by Jessica Comingore

The latest project from OuurThe Kinfolk Home — taps into an idea very close to our hearts; slow living. Like many interior design books, it showcases a series of impeccably designed and beautifully curated homes, though instead of focusing on the design details (what material the drapery is made out of or where the sofa came from), it highlights the inhabitant and their story. This notion of the creative dweller dictating their surroundings is not a new one, though The Kinfolk Home manages to reinvent the idea, providing inspiration not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a lifestyle one; encouraging the reader to decide what things in life are most important to them and creating an environment conducive to nuturing that.



Having spent the last ten years in the design industry, it’s hard not to take notice of the overarching focus on the what rather the why. Living simply and thoughtfully doesn’t have to mean consumption and spending. Rather, it’s about identifying what speaks to you and making your home an extension of your values. Sprinkled throughout the book are essays speaking to just this notion — slowing down, simplifying your life, and cultivating community. From Japan to Los Angeles, each of the 35 homes highlights its artistic inhabitants through interviews and inspiring imagery, leaving you to consider how to best express yourself in your own surroundings and approach your life with intention. An idea we can wholeheartedly get behind.


Get your hands on a copy of The Kinfolk Home here.

Residences From L-R: Geraldine Cleary, Nathalie Schwer, Khai Liew & Nichole Palyga, Miquel Alzueta & África Posse.

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  • Nina

    Thank you for showing glimpses from the book! It looks interesting!

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