Scenes from Baja

Written by Jessica Comingore

It’s officially fall here in the studio and we’re bidding summer adieu to focus on this last stretch of the year that will surely fly by as quickly as these past eight months have. To savor the end of the season (and ring in 28 orbits around the earth), I took a trip down to Mexico last week for two short days of food, wine, beaches and vineyards. I realized en route that the last time I was in Mexico, I was 14 and spent the first half of the trip keeled over with food poisoning. It’s hard to believe that was half a limetime ago already, but it feels good to embrace who you are and where you’re at as you get older. No more I-need-to-accomplish-x-by-x-date, but rather looking back and taking note of all the highlights that have happened along the way. It’s been a good run, and I have a feeling this next year will be even better.

That being said, I thought it apropo to share a few scenes from the trip before launching into autumn. I’m already stashing away some fall recipes and dusting off my sweaters from the back of the closet (an Angeleno can dream, right?). What are you most looking forward to this season?






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  • Océane Combeau | Fernand et Firmin Studio

    In Amsterdam, we are already crying to get back the 2 weeks Summer we had . Hello unstoppable rain and turtle necks . And yes, it’s not even fall yet .

    • Jessica

      Aw, we couldn’t be living more oppositely. Odd as it may sound, unstoppable rain sounds heavenly right now. 😉 Will be sending warm thoughts your way!

  • Maurizio

    Here in the desert of New Mexico we are eagerly waiting fall to rush through, the heat must stop! It’s probably the best time out here: no wind (which can be insane out here), crisp and cool mornings, and wonderful lighting in the morning and evening. If you’ve never seen a sunset in New Mexico it should be on your to-do list!

    I’ve been down to Mexico proper several times and have been sick as well, it’s a bummer to be on vacation and fall ill with food poisoning, but it makes for a good set of stories 🙂

    Here’s to fall!

    • Jessica

      Didn’t realize you were based in NM! One of my favorite states, and yes, my goodness, the sunsets. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Hoping to make my way back down again (if only for the sopapillas) since my last visit was so brief. Cheers to fall and heat relief in our future! 🙂

  • Corey

    Where in baja were you staying? i always loved visiting and camping in the area as a kid, but haven’t been back in years.

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