Elysian Home: Bedroom Re-Do

Written by Jessica Comingore

Ah, the bedroom. The last room in the house that I’ve essentially been neglecting since I moved in three years ago. A place to snooze, a side table to rest an alarm clock on, a basket to throw the laundry in… what more do you really need? Well, I can now say, quite a bit. I suppose need may not be the right word, but a few elements sure do go a long way in making a space inviting and comfortable. First things first: I decided to paint the walls. For this phase, I teamed up with Dunn Edwards and used their Distant Cloud (DEW370) in matte to envelope the room in a subtle shade of blue-grey. As I mentioned over on Instagram, this was my first attempt at painting a room anything other than white, so I was a bit weary about how I would like it. It turns out, a few coats of color (even if it’s a subtle one) really make a huge difference. Every time I step foot into the bedroom now, it feels like a respite from the rest of the home; a place just for cozying up and unwinding after a day’s work.



Second up: the lighting. The lovely folks at Schoolhouse Electric were kind enough to send along a pair of their Irene Sconces for the makeover, and I chose a simple white finish to contrast the blue walls. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have some overhead lighting within arms reach when reading before bed instead of having to get up and turn off the light switch in the doorway (little luxuries, I tell ya). As for that side table storage to rest all of my evening necessities, I went the less traditional route and chose two different styles (a his and hers, so to speak) that compliment eachother. On my side, the Hairpin Table that’s big enough to fit a glass of water, a dish for my jewelry, a stack of books, and a vase of freshly cut flowers when the occasion strikes. On the opposite side, I used West Elm’s Mid-Century Nightstand, which is a bit more masculine and has plenty of drawer storage for stowing away anything you don’t want to have to stare at all day.



Lastly: the bedding. I never stray from a crisp pair of white sheets, and swapped out my white duvet for a taupe linen style to lay on top. I love to switch out the blanket at the foot of my bed based on the season (it’s also the perfect opportunity to introduce a bit of color if you veer towards neutrals, like me) and this fall, I’m all about buffalo plaid. This blanket from Schoolhouse introduces just the right graphic touch to the space. So there we have it… though it’s important to note that it’s not necessarily about the items that go into a space as much as it is about creating your own version of a haven that suits your needs and encourages a solid night of rest. Speaking of, I’d love to hear: what are a few of your necessities when it comes to bedroom decor?


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  • Emily

    In love with your decision to mix match your night stands! I am currently without nightstands because I want to do the same thing but cannot find two that I like that I think go together. These two are perfect though.

    • Jessica

      It’s a tough hunt! I always recommend finding one similar quality between the two (i.e. the finish, the wood stain, the era the design is from, etc.) so they still feel cohesive without matching. It also helps to pair a round design with a rectangle instead of having two circles that don’t go together. Good luck!

  • Celka

    So beautiful! Where is the little wooden alarm clock from?

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