DIY: Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket

Written by Jessica Comingore

It’s a rare day that I’ll tackle a DIY project, but something about this Moroccan blanket was calling my name when I first laid eyes on one a few years back. Granted, it took me some time to actually get cracking on it, but I can happily say that it’s my most successful do-it-yourself project to date. I typically opt for the, “just buy it” attitude, but for those on the same page, I would encourage taking a stab at this one. Personally, I went the ultra neutral route with all-white for my version, but don’t be afraid to get adventurous and pair interesting patterned textiles with complimentary colored poms.

I knew I wanted a sturdy textile that mimicked the qualities of linen, so I scoured the flea market for a piece of white mud cloth and picked up a nice quality of wool yarn to make my pom poms out of. Believe it or not, a device exists just for making pom poms, and it works wonders. You’re welcome to do them by hand too if you’re not as concerned about uniformity, but the pom pom maker also speeds up the process. If you’re curious to give it a go, you can hop on over to eBay this week where I’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to help you bring your own version to life. I’d love to see any and all finished products, so if you’d like to share your results, feel free to shoot me an e-mail! And meanwhile, happy crafting.

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  • Anna Parker

    Beautiful – inspired to follow suit! Good to know about the Pom pom maker too, thanks 🙂

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