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Written by Jessica Comingore Photo by Laure Joliet

The month of January tends to come with a lot of weight in regards to resolutions, and in recent years I’ve put a lot of those expectations aside and opted for more general intentions for the year (be present, stay healthy, embrace uncertainty). Though when it comes to work, I still like to write out a few concrete plans so I have some clarity when I sit down at my desk every morning. Essentially, I like to know what the end goal is so I can make small steps towards achieving it every day.

Fittingly, I partnered with Urban Outfitters this month to tackle the topic of goal-setting, outlining the five ways I approach it in my own life and business. While every creative process is different, I do believe there are a handful of general rules that can be applied across the board. Similarly, I’m also a big advocate of finding the tools that help you along throughout the process — a reliable notebook, an analogue or digital to-do list, a comfortable desk chair, etc.


Today, I’m sharing a few picks from the #UOGoals board I collaborated with UO on, with a focus on mornings and how the start of your day sets the tone for what will follow. To peruse our Pinterest board, you can click here. To read the full post on goal-setting, visit the Urban Outfitters blog.

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