Elysian Essentials: 6 Best Candle Holders

Written by Jessica Comingore

Though candle holders have been around for centuries, it’s only in recent years that designers are taking a stab at creatively reinventing them. From unconventional materials like cement and plaster, to clever shapes that double as art sculptures, candle holders are having a moment in the spotlight and we couldn’t be more enamored.

A great pair can set the tone for an elegant mantel or a modern tablescape, making the process of choosing favorites quite the challenge. Today, we’ve rounded up our top six picks for the design-minded consumer.


1. Ilse Candle Holder by Ilse Crawford
2. Two Piece Nappula Candleholder Set by Matti Klenell
3. Optical Candle Holder by Menu
4. Nambu Tetsu Candle Stands
5. Copper U Candleholder by Minimalux
6. Chunk of Concrete Candle Holder by Menu

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