Introducing: The Elysian Edit

Written by Jessica Comingore

Rewinding to almost a decade ago, during my first year of design school, I started blogging as a way to keep track of the things that inspired me. Since those early days, my blog has served many purposes (and for some years, abandoned almost entirely), but it’s always been a place where I can go to archive my influences, share my creative processes, and perhaps most importantly, navigate what it means to live with intention.

Aside from honing my aesthetic, this space has allowed me to examine how work and life can blend together so seamlessly, and what it means to live simply and mindfully. I’ve found that a lot of power lies in shaping your surroundings to encourage the life you want to live, and that sharing those ideas with others is when I feel most in my element. Whether it’s your home, what you’re cooking, where you’re traveling, or what you’re reading, I’m a firm believer that design doesn’t have to be pretentious, and that in making it more accessible, others can benefit from it’s enriching qualities.

Speaking to both my roots in Los Angeles and my affinity for the peaceful and polished, The Elysian Edit was born — a website dedicated to the art of refined living. I hope you’ll enjoy being here as much as I’m excited to put my creative energy into it. And for however long you’ve been following along, thank you for letting me use this space to share with you over the years, and to find my way back around again.

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