Elysian Listens 030

Written by Jessica Comingore

1. Dumbo Gets Mad | Indian Food
2. French Kicks | Sex Tourists
3. The Belle Game | River
4. Dr. Dog | Bring My Baby Back
5. Lucius | Until We Get There
6. Yellowbirds | Stop Tonight
7. Caveman | Shut You Down
8. Nightlands | So Far So Long
9. HNNY | Cheer Up, My Brother
10. Courtney Barnett | Anonymous Club
11. The War On Drugs | Disappearing
12. Alex Burey | Come Over

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Comments (3)

  • Amanda

    I love your playlists. Thank you so much for posting these! They keep me entertained while I work away at my computer. You have excellent taste!

    • jessica

      Thanks so much, Amanda! I’m so glad to hear. That’s what they’re here for! 🙂

  • Courtney

    I’ve been running dry of fresh tunes lately. Thanks for the update!


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