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Written by Jessica Comingore Photography by Cara Robbins for The Elysian Edit

Last fall, I hopped on a flight out of sunny Los Angeles to a cold and rainy Michigan, landing in the once booming manufacturing mecca of Detroit. I talked a bit about my trip in this post following my return home, and have been surprised to find just how much the visit still sits in my mind, many months after the fact.

Detroit is nothing if not a storied city, and before the automotive industry moved overseas, it was American made cars that were synonymous with luxury. It’s hard to think of a time where our consumer options weren’t dominated by global production, but there’s no denying the renewed interest in the domestically made. Small businesses sprinkled across the country are shining a light on the topic of where our products come from and the practices being used to make them, but larger retailers have yet to follow suit.

Enter Shinola. Like those early Cadillac’s, the company is proving that quality production still lives within Detroit’s bones, and that it just needs the opportunity to showcase it. By keeping everything under one roof — from design, to production, to shipping — Shinola is, “reclaiming the making of things that are made well,” and making a sizable contribution to the redevelopment of Detroit’s economy in the process. With this mission comes a rigorous attention to detail, building each of their products by hand, one-by-one, as though picking up where those Cadillac’s left off.

The company’s practices align well with what The Elysian Edit is all about — making good design more accessible, and encouraging quality over quantity when it comes to our surroundings. This week marks the launch of Shinola’s newest watch, The Canfield, which we had a fun time lending a refined eye to for the occasion. We’re sharing some favorites from the shoot here today, and you can following along with Shinola on Instagram where they’ll be posting more of our photos this next week.

To take your pick from the full collection of Canfield watches, click here. To find about more about the story behind the brand, visit the Shinola website.


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