Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Sleepwear Sets

Written by Jessica Comingore Photo via Fantastic Frank

As I get older, I’ve come to value sleep over many things in life. I’ve always been an early to bed, early to rise type, but often find myself extra giddy on Friday’s, purely because Saturday means I get to sleep in. While I’m all about seizing the day, sometimes there is nothing better than a full morning spent lazing about under the covers. I’d argue that once a month, it’s just downright necessary. And while we’re on the topic of sleep, it’s only recently that I’ve become a convert to proper sleepwear. While we tend to dedicate a portion of our wardrobe to everything from workwear to activewear, sleepwear tends to be the most overlooked. I’ll admit, it’s tough to find that balance between frumpy and overly sexy, but once you do, you’ll never return to that oversized t-shirt again. Today, we’ve rounded up our five favorite sleepwear sets that’ll make getting ready for bed even more enjoyable.


1. Gisele Pajama Set by Eberjey
2. Short Sleep Shirt in White Linen from The Sleep Shirt
3. Marina Short Sleeve Pajama Shirt from Sleepy Jones
4. Boy Pants in Black by Base Range
5. Cotton-Gauze Chemise by Skin
6. Organic Flannel Pajama Set from Muji

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