Vancouver City Guide with Gillian Stevens

Written by Jessica Comingore Photography by Gillian Stevens

For this month’s travel story, we’re headed north to a city very close to my heart — Vancouver, B.C. My first visit to Vancouver was two summers ago, and I was immediately taken with the city’s walkable streets, drizzly weather, lush greenery, and delicious food. So when Vancouver-based photographer Gillian Stevens offered to point her lens at the city she calls home, it was a no-brainer.

Gillian captures a softness in her images that lends itself beautifully to the quiet scenery of British Columbia, and the destinations she’s chosen are certainly planting the seed for another trip north. And while you’re in the area, I’d also recommend a hop on the ferry over to Vancouver Island. Victoria and Tofino are just a few of the destinations that will greet you on the other side, and are both filled with some of the most charming scenes and kind people I’ve ever encountered. So let’s get to it…

Liberty Café, 3699 Main St, Vancouver, B.C.

“Across the street from Umeboshi is the adorable Liberty Bakery. On most visits you will see lots of moms and families, creatives, and an array of lovely looking people sitting and chatting here. I love sitting by one of their big windows with a tea latte and watching everyone walk by. It’s in a great location for people watching!

The cafe reopened last spring with a beautifully renovated interior (that I can’t help but take photos of every time I go!). The staff are so friendly, and the atmosphere is really warm. It’s such a nice place to visit.”

Southlands Nursery, 6550 Balaclava Street, Vancouver, B.C.

“Southlands Nursery is incredibly dreamy. It’s one of the prettiest places to visit on a sunny afternoon to pick up any gardening tools, plants, flowers, or to just be inspired. It’s a little drive out of the city, but it feels much further away than that — like a little pocket of countryside. On my last visit I picked up a little air plant, but definitely dream of having a larger garden space one day to fill with things from here.”

Umeboshi Shoes, 3638 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C.

“Umeboshi carries the most beautiful selection of women’s footwear in the city. The shop itself is a dreamland full of perfect things to put on your feet, and it’s likely that you will find many styles that need to come home with you.

Stephanie, the owner, has created a shop full of well made and quality pieces from designers all over the world. Both Stephanie and Sami are amazing buyers, which means the shop is always beautifully curated and full of impeccable designs. In addition to the stunning collections, the Umeboshi girls are lovely and always so wonderful to chat with, which makes it a perfect place to visit.”

Gillian Stevens is a lifestyle photographer from Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in visual storytelling and works with brands, small businesses, creatives, and travel companies to develop and create content for websites and marketing. She is passionate about meeting new people, and loves spending time traveling and connecting with others. You can find more of Gillian by visiting her website, or following her Instagram.

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