Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Weekly Planners

Written by Jessica Comingore Photo via Fantastic Frank

For as digital as our lives become, it’s safe to say there will never be a replacement for a good old fashioned notebook. Or more specifically, a planner. I’ll be the first to admit that I live and die by my Google calendar, but no new year is complete without a set of fresh pages to jot down my daily lists and to-do’s. This year, I forewent my usual practices and opted for a simple notebook in lieu of my planner, but have found myself mid-year, craving the structure of a day-to-day look at life.

Lucky for us, a handful of savvy designers have gotten the memo (no pun intended) and created everything from pocket-sized planners to binder-style set-ups that begin mid-year, or better yet, aren’t date-specific at all. Finding yourself in a similar bind? Fret not. Below are my top five picks for planners that no digital device can compete with.

1. Techo Planner by Hobonachi
2. Weekly Binder Planner by Appointed Co.
3. The Perpetual Planner 2.0 by Paper & Type
4. Plaid Honey Any-Year Daily Planner by Julia Kostreva
5. 18-Month Runwell Planner by Shinola Detroit

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  • vv

    <3! Thanks so much for including P&T among these. The Appointed Co. Binder looks beautiful (and looks to be motivating for keeping one on task!).

    • jessica

      A pleasure, VV! No paper list is complete without P&T. <3

  • Yevgenii P

    Thanks for rec’s! I’ve got my christmas shOpping all wrapped up!

    • jessica

      Wow, I’m impressed! You are most welcome. 🙂


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