Color Collage: Haint Blue

Haint blue, the color of July contains a mysterious, complex history you’d never expect in such an easygoing shade. Originating…

1 year ago by Cerise in Home


On The Bookshelf: Vintage Munro by Alice Munro

Whether you’re a long-time Munro enthusiast or new to the Nobel Prize winner’s work; ‘Vintage Munro’ is the perfect addition…

1 year ago by Cerise in Culture


Color Collage: Celadon

With roots tracing back to French literature of the 17th century, and historical implementation as a primary ceramic glaze of…

1 year ago by Cerise in Home


Color Collage: Mauve

Winter may have taken its sweet time getting out of here, but spring has clearly been softening into summer as…

2 years ago by Cerise in Home


Color Collage: Citrine

With a golden glow between sunflower and sand; citrine, the color of April brings brightness and warmth to our edit…

2 years ago by Cerise in Home

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