Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Weekly Planners

For as digital as our lives become, it’s safe to say there will never be a replacement for a good…

10 months ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Melanie Abrantes Designs: Summer Collection

You may remember Melanie Abrantes from our first Elysian Exchange video, and she’s back at it with a beautiful new…

10 months ago by Jessica in Home


Elysian Listens 032

1. Bosley | Just Like You 2. Bahamas | All The Time 3. The Palms | Future Love (We All…

10 months ago by Jessica in Culture


Elysian Exchange: 5 Questions with Ode To Sunday

As friends and I get older, there seems to be a reoccurring theme of pairing down our closets to only…

11 months ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Being: Crafting A Daily Routine

In all of my years of blogging, there has been one post that resonated more than any, and that was…

11 months ago by Jessica in Wellness


Elysian Listens: West Elm Summer

1. DeVotchKa | I Cried Like A Silly Boy 2. Helado Negro | Are I Here 3. The Bamboos |…

12 months ago by Jessica in Mixtapes


Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Subtle Scents

A scent can say a lot about someone, and finding the perfect scent can feel a lot like searching for…

12 months ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Home: Glassell Park Boat House

Outside of its beautiful meaning, one of the reasons I chose to use Elysian for the name of this project…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Elysian Being: 5 Peaceful Places to Unplug in LA

  1. The Trails Café, 2333 Fern Dell Drive, Los Angeles The Trails is a little café tucked in the…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel


Vancouver City Guide with Gillian Stevens

For this month’s travel story, we’re headed north to a city very close to my heart — Vancouver, B.C. My…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel


Elysian Listens 031

1. Caroline Smith | Bloodstyle 2. Akron/Family | River 3. Bowerbirds | Northern Lights 4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic…

1 year ago by Jessica in Culture


The Allure of Nido

Nido is one brand I’ve long admired for their handmade approach to style, turning out one timeless collection after the other…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle

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