Vancouver City Guide with Gillian Stevens

For this month’s travel story, we’re headed north to a city very close to my heart — Vancouver, B.C. My…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel


Elysian Listens 031

1. Caroline Smith | Bloodstyle 2. Akron/Family | River 3. Bowerbirds | Northern Lights 4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic…

1 year ago by Jessica in Culture


The Allure of Nido

Nido is one brand I’ve long admired for their handmade approach to style, turning out one timeless collection after the other…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Sleepwear Sets

As I get older, I’ve come to value sleep over many things in life. I’ve always been an early to…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


The Shinola Canfield Watch

Last fall, I hopped on a flight out of sunny Los Angeles to a cold and rainy Michigan, landing in…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


A Visit to Silver Lake Farms

Last week, we paid a visit to Silver Lake Farms here in Los Angeles, and were greeted by the kind…

1 year ago by Jessica in Culture


Color Collage: Poppy

For ushering in the first month of spring, there could be no more appropriate hue than the vibrant, refreshingly bold…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Elysian Travel: Los Alamos, CA

When it comes to weekend getaways, I tend to crave three things in particular: one, a destination that is as…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel


The Return of The Essential Blouse

Looking back a few years towards the end of 2014, you may remember a collaboration I did with Los Angeles…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Being: The Hustle vs. Your Health

These days, success is looking a little different to me. Success is getting a full night of rest so I…

1 year ago by Jessica in Wellness


Elysian Home: At Home with Victoria Smith

Running a successful lifestyle blog since 2006, Victoria Smith is no stranger to editing. Her honed eye and eclectic taste…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Cluj-Napoca City Guide with Lavinia Cernău

For today’s city guide, we’re headed across the globe to Romania’s second largest city, Cluj-Napoca. What brought you here, you…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel

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