Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Sleepwear Sets

As I get older, I’ve come to value sleep over many things in life. I’ve always been an early to…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


The Shinola Canfield Watch

Last fall, I hopped on a flight out of sunny Los Angeles to a cold and rainy Michigan, landing in…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


A Visit to Silver Lake Farms

Last week, we paid a visit to Silver Lake Farms here in Los Angeles, and were greeted by the kind…

1 year ago by Jessica in Culture


Color Collage: Poppy

For ushering in the first month of spring, there could be no more appropriate hue than the vibrant, refreshingly bold…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Elysian Travel: Los Alamos, CA

When it comes to weekend getaways, I tend to crave three things in particular: one, a destination that is as…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel


The Return of The Essential Blouse

Looking back a few years towards the end of 2014, you may remember a collaboration I did with Los Angeles…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Being: The Hustle vs. Your Health

These days, success is looking a little different to me. Success is getting a full night of rest so I…

1 year ago by Jessica in Wellness


Elysian Home: At Home with Victoria Smith

Running a successful lifestyle blog since 2006, Victoria Smith is no stranger to editing. Her honed eye and eclectic taste…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Cluj-Napoca City Guide with Lavinia Cernău

For today’s city guide, we’re headed across the globe to Romania’s second largest city, Cluj-Napoca. What brought you here, you…

1 year ago by Jessica in Travel


Elysian Listens 030

1. Dumbo Gets Mad | Indian Food 2. French Kicks | Sex Tourists 3. The Belle Game | River 4….

1 year ago by Jessica in Culture


Color Collage: Crimson

We took inspiration from the colors of love this month and made crimson our pick for February. Its rich, moody…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Elysian Exchange: Sarah Kersten

Following up last month’s feature on the talented Melanie Abrantes, we’re so excited to share our second video installment of…

1 year ago by Jessica in Culture

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