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Elysian Eats: Homemade Yogurt with Victoria Vu

A few months ago, our multi-talented friend Victoria Vu mentioned in passing that she had been experimenting with homemade yogurt. Having dabbled in…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Creative Goal-Setting with Urban Outfitters I

The month of January tends to come with a lot of weight in regards to resolutions, and in recent years…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


DIY: Leather Cutting Board Handles

It’s been a little over a month of settling into a new home, which means I’m still in the midst…

1 year ago by Jessica in Home


Introducing: The Elysian Edit

Rewinding to almost a decade ago, during my first year of design school, I started blogging as a way to…

1 year ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


DIY: Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket

It’s a rare day that I’ll tackle a DIY project, but something about this Moroccan blanket was calling my name when…

2 years ago by Jessica in Home


Fall Tablescape with Chambord

*Sponsorship Note: This post was sponsored by Refinery29 & Chambord (Brown-Forman Corporation, Louisville KY, Black Raspberry Liqueur, 16.5%, 21+). All…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: Butternut Squash Soup with Spinach & Barley

I’ve been exploring meals that are easier on my digestion lately (due to a few recent dietary restrictions), which has…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: Raw Breakfast Bites

I’m certainly an advocate for a proper weekday breakfast, unrushed and homemade, though the truth is that it can be…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: Summer Siesta

We’re at the height of summer in Los Angeles currently, which means all I have the energy to do is…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: In The Kitchen with Mountain High Yoghurt

It’s rare when a day goes by that yogurt doesn’t make an appearance in one of my meals, though it…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


The Essential Blouse II: Madder

I’m excited to share some progress on The Essentials Collection today as Jill and I release the second colorway of…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberries

I am not a brunch kind of girl. Truth be told, I am a run out of the house with…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle

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