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The Art of Matcha with Shuhari Café

Perhaps it’s living in Los Angeles where health trends tend take off, but it seems that everywhere you turn lately,…

11 months ago by Jessica in Culture

TheElysianEdit-ElysianEats-BotanicaTurmeric GingerLatte-2

Elysian Eats: Botanica’s Turmeric Ginger Black Pepper Latte

We’re damn excited for the holidays; we’re oh-so ready to hang with family, decompress, reflect, get revved up for the…

11 months ago by Emily in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Spirulina Cacao Truffles

While Spirulina Cacao Truffles may not exactly roll off the tongue, I can honestly say that these are my go-to…

1 year ago by Lyssandra in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Gazpacho

Whenever I eat gazpacho, I’m transported back to my time living in Spain, enjoying the warm summer evenings in the…

1 year ago by Lyssandra in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Beet Hummus

An easy way to ensure you’re getting enough essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your diet is by consuming the…

1 year ago by Lyssandra in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Classic Sauerkraut

Our ancestors have been using fermentation techniques to preserve foods for centuries, and by traveling the world, we can see…

1 year ago by Lyssandra in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Water Kefir

Our bodies function at their ultimate when they are in balance. In order to ward off sickness, minimize allergies, have…

1 year ago by Lyssandra in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Spinach & Basil Pesto

Pesto is a common staple in my pantry and to many of my dishes. The sauce is versatile and adds…

2 years ago by Lyssandra in Recipes


Elysian Being: 3 Wellness Teas to Make at Home

A few years ago, I gave up caffeine. Not because I didn’t love the taste and the ritual, but because…

2 years ago by Jessica in Recipes


Elysian Eats: Homemade Yogurt with Victoria Vu

A few months ago, our multi-talented friend Victoria Vu mentioned in passing that she had been experimenting with homemade yogurt. Having dabbled in…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: Butternut Squash Soup with Spinach & Barley

I’ve been exploring meals that are easier on my digestion lately (due to a few recent dietary restrictions), which has…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle


Elysian Eats: Raw Breakfast Bites

I’m certainly an advocate for a proper weekday breakfast, unrushed and homemade, though the truth is that it can be…

2 years ago by Jessica in Lifestyle

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